Prof. Mammo Muchie's interview on FMSA Radio on 121 Adwa Victory

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Prof. Mammo

FMSA (South Africa) Radio Interview on 121 Adwa Great African Victory with Prof. Mammo Muchie.

Wednesday marked the 121st anniversary of the Great African Adwa Victory. It was on that day that the Ethiopians defeated Italian invaders at Adowa (or Adwa) on March 1st 1896. According to history books, this was the biggest defeat suffered by the Europeans since Hannibal and it signaled the beginning of the end of European colonialism. What actually happened on that day and how did it change the status of the African continent moving forward?

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Interview with Prof. Asafa Jalata about Ethiopia’s state of emergency

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Demonstrators in Oromia region

Ethiopia’s state of emergency: both sides are determined to fight to the finish

Waves of protests have gripped Ethiopia since last November. In response the government has declared a six month state of emergency. In an interview with The Conversation Africa’s Samantha Spooner, Asafa Jalata describes the impact of the state of emergency and what it could mean for the future of the country.

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