Can We Afford the Internet Shutdown in Ethiopia?


I was just here for a working visit in Ethiopia when I heard that the government has shutdown the Internet. Whooooaaah!!! Can they do that? I asked my friends who are hosting me. Their answer was clear and simple. The government can do anything and does not even have to explain why it is doing that!!!

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With Egypt and Ethiopia denying Kenyans water, we are ‘kwinished’

Gibe III

By Oluoch Madiang

Two very muhimu things happened in this our Democratic and Sovereign Republic of Kenya, the economic giant of Afrika ya Mashariki and an island of peace. These two things touch at the very roho of all hardworking peasant farmers. Of course, you must have read recently about the sad death of flora and fauna due to the drought occasioned by the sun and its relatives coming for an extended holiday.

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